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LEGO Robotics

Our school curriculum guides are available to all of our partners

Each of these guides are made available to our partner schools. Please contact us to get involved or to learn more about these programs.

K-2 Engineering Activity Guide

Ideal for grades K-2, this set of activities lays the foundation to excel in the physical science fields. Students gain expertise in engineering by designing and building LEGO® models, testing desired outcomes, and critically thinking about their results.

3-5 Exploring Science Activity Guide

Students in grades 3-5 can enjoy this set of activities which relates LEGO® NXT Robotics to the world they live in. This guide introduces programming to students using the NXT brick and accompanying Mindstorms® software while at the same time introducing new scientific concepts.

Robot Olympics Activity Guide

Make math exciting with the help of robots! Aimed at students in grades 6-8, this activity guide will not only help students learn important mathematical concepts, they will also come away with skills useful for today’s technology focused world.

Mars Rover Activity Guide

Use the allure and intrigue of space travel to teach astronomy and robotics to students in grades 6-8. Practice building robots that model the rovers that are on Mars right now!

Environmental Science Activity Guide

Inspire students to learn how their actions affect the environment while learning about programming and robotics. Engaging students with LEGO® Robotics is the perfect way to get them thinking about a wider range of scientific concepts.

Robotic Animals Activity Guide

How does technology relate to the natural world? In this activity guide for grades 6-8, biology overlaps with engineering as students program LEGO® robots as models of animals to learn about their characteristics in nature.